Not-for-profit cultural organisation The Arts Factory supports the Rome City of Film campaign.

Founded in January 2013, in spite of its tender years the Factory has distinguished itself through its numerous and varied activities dedicated to the ethico-cultural growth of citizens of every age, class and social situation, advocating respect for others and the environment, contributing thereby to the fight against any form of religious, sexual, ethnic or gender discrimination.

To fulfil its mission the Arts Factory acts on several fronts through a diverse range of activities varying in their scope and content:

FFF - Fabriano Film Festival - taking place in the city of the same name, this Festival sets out to give voice to an often overlooked film language: the short. Visitors are immersed in a comprehensive cinematic world with screenings, talks, conferences, special guests and masterclasses, all of which involve various target audiences;
Spinning Pans - an evening of wine, food and theatre at Rome’s ‘Porto Fluviale’ restaurant, enlivened with a double show: the actor’s performance, and the food preparation under your eyes;
Car Boot Market - inspired by the famous English car boot sale, this loft-clearing market is above all an invitation not to waste, to be together and share the extra we have;
Cineforum - a series of screenings with chaired discussions at the ‘Ruggero Bonghi’ School, Rome, during the 2013-14 school year;
Rome Design Lab - borne out of the desire to endow the city of Rome with a regular date in the calendar for everything related to industrial, independent, sustainable and experimental Design, taking place in a national and international environment, and which highlights new talent, trends, materials and processes.

Supporting Entities