VIGAMUS, The Video Game Museum of Rome, supports the candidacy of Rome City of Film.

The Museum, is managed by  Fondazione VIGAMUS, body recognized by the Prefettura di Roma with a positive opinion of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism - Protocol 976/2014 - set up in June 2013 and committed to the preservation, research and divulgation of physical and digital works linked to the digital medium.
Mass phenomenon, artistic expression and interactive medium of the digital Era, video games are part of the contemporary imagination, becoming one of the most complex meanings production systems. By nature related to the technological component, video games are constantly evolving, revolutionizing the whole art system, and combining with it.
The aim of the Foundation is to promote and spread awareness of the cultural value of video games in Italy. Video games are thus included into the historical and artistical heritage of Italy, whose primacy in the world is absolutely indisputable. Cultural innovation is fundamental for the genesis of a true game culture, an arctifact that deserves to be known, studied and preserved.
It's the core of cultural innovation and divulgation, and thanks to its interactive rooms, visitors have a first hand opportunity to test the titles that have made the history of games and the latest technologies.
By generating content for the museum and pubblications the Center for Studies and Research aims at collecting, creating and divulging video game-related knowledge, it notifies about the Museum activities, from exhibitions to events and scientific activities directly related to the study of the collections.
The book collection “Conscious Gaming. Manuali di Cultura del Videogioco”, edited by UniversItalia, collects all the studies and publications developed by the Center.

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