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Rome’s ‘La Sapienza’ University supports the Rome City of Film campaign.

With over 700 years of history and a total of 115,000 students, La Sapienza is Europe’s foremost university. Its mission is to contribute to the development of the learning community through research, high-level education and international co-operation.
The cinema courses available epitomise the kind of teaching on offer at the Department of History of Art and Performance (Dipartimento di Storia dell’arte e Spettacolo (DASS) and the research-based PhD in Music and Performance. Teaching areas include the history of cinema - with a principal focus on Italian film - film analysis, the techniques and language of the audiovisual arts, as well as finance and legislation for cinema and performance. Particular attention is paid to audiovisual experimentation with new formats.
Since 2013 the ‘Roma Web Fest’ has supported internships and workshops dedicated to the production of web series written and directed by students. PhD students focusing on cinema in the Music and Performance PhD primarily focus their research on digital technologies as they are applied in audiovisual fields.
In 2014 the University began an ongoing collaboration with Rome’s Film Institute, the Casa del Cinema: a series of screenings of cinema classics from film history, each film introduced by lecturers from the Ateneo and aimed at students, but also open to the public. The promotion of film culture is at the heart of the Ateneo Centre’s programme; and though currently being restored, the it is scheduled to reopen shortly.

The principal research projects in which the University is currently involved are:

  • ‘Romarcord’, which promotes the recording and digitalisation of oral materials;
  • ‘The Modern Rome Memory Project’, which promotes the localisation of cinema spaces in Rome and the creation of open-access platforms.

In 2012 the inter-departmental DIGILAB Centre for Services and Research (DIGILAB-Centro Interdipartimentale di Ricerca e Servizi) was established. Borne out of an initiative by several departments from a variety of disciplines, the Centre focuses on the digitisation of important cultural heritage sites and materials; it also supports research and video production related to media literacy and cultural communication.
The University offers masters’ programmes in 3D Animation, Digital Audio/Video Editing, Interactive Sound/Light Design, Digital Restoration for Audio/Video, Screenwriting and audiovisual production, Writing/Screenwriting across media, Production and Film Marketing.
The University produces its own publications and magazines, both independently and in collaboration with ‘Roma Tre’ University.

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