The Foundation for Companies in the Performing Arts (Fondazione Ente dello Spettacolo), a well-structured, multimedia organization, is involved in the circulation, promotion and development of cinema culture in Italy. It is a reference point within the cinema industry, for both private organizations, institutions and professionals working in the sector. It actively collaborates with all of the major cultural, artistic and industry organisations in Italian and international cinema.
The awareness of the importance of bringing together both tradition and innovation, the value of Italian cinema’s historical, cultural and spiritual identity along with a broad-minded approach towards novelty and innovation drives the pursuit of its goals. Through both traditional and electronic publishing, as well as the organisation of cultural events, international conferences, seminars, festivals, meetings and cinema previews, FedS: involves and engages an ever-growing general public in the world of cinema within its diverse cultural, social and economic areas and aspects, increasing public awareness of its values and social importance; creates effective collaborations between those in the sector and institutions; carries out projects organising events with fellow institutions in the field of cinema culture. It offers a daily Press Review service, collating articles and audiovisuals on cinema, published in the major national and international magazines. The monthly 'Cinematography Magazine' («Rivista del Cinematografo»), founded in 1928 in Milan, is the longest-running Italian publication on cinema. is among the principal Italian cinema websites: an undisputed market leader, it was created with the support of MiBACT. is dedicated to the daily in-depth analysis of economic and financial - as well as legislative and operational - aspects of the Italian and international film, TV fiction and serial sectors. Among its any activities, it has organised the 'Tertio Millennio' Film Festival Convention since 1986, as well as awarding the Robert Bresson Prize at the Venice Film Festival and participating in MiBACT-DG Cinema's 'Cinema Compass' project (Bussola del Cinema) – and will also appear at the 2015 EXPO in Milan, with a photography exhibition on cinema and food.

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