The Lazio Region supports the Rome City of Film campaign.

Over the last few years, regional departments have built up a network of contacts within the sector, both at a local and international level. For instance, specific agreements have been signed with governmental agencies in Asia, the which have generated important business collaborations; agreements of this kind therefore provide a significant basis for a new, highly-specialised bilateral framework in the sector. In addition to its activities supporting business integration and the creation of a ‘catalogue’ outlining its expertise in the matter, the Region oversees the conception and project management of a range of promotional activities. Promoting the region to foreign markets enables the engagement of digital communities and fosters the exchange of projects, skills and know-how, notably through the creation of ‘pilot projects’ with international partners, business seminars and networking events, as well as the establishment of schemes allowing professionals from the Lazio area to undergo periods of training in foreign organisations (and vice-versa) in such a way as to form genuine ‘ambassadors’ for the regional group. This same approach is deployed in those activities relating to the cultural heritage sector (termed ‘beni culturali’) both in terms of the conservation and public appreciation of these assets: indeed, the Region’s use of sophisticated digital technologies and applications has made Lazio a globally-recognised point of focus for the sector. For initiatives of this kind, which affect the cultural heritage sector, the nominated special partner is Zètema, the Municipality of Rome’s in-house company which manages the city’s museum collections.

Supporting Entities