The Associazione Giovani Produttori Cinematografici Indipendenti – AGPCI supports Rome City of Film candidacy. Born in 2007 from an idea of the producer Martha Capello, it immediately becomes a reference point for independent Italian producers. Today it represents 80 film and TV Italian producers, becoming the largest association in the field, with a wide international network. It organises events of higher education, first of all the cycle SINERGIE, that promotes the collaboration between film production companies and the other members of the industry; it deals with institutions and participates in legislative worktables, regionally and nationally. Its network has been reinforced by the creation of Gruppi Regionali Indipendenti: the Friuli group, the Emilia Romagna group and the Campania group. It has been organising the Meeting Nazionale Produttori Cinematografici Indipendenti for three years: three days of workshops, meetings, working groups, networking, pitching, during which producers from all over Italy can meet, show the projects they're working on to their colleagues, compare mutual needs and generate synergies.

The mission:

  • to support the film industry development with new models of company structure, based on the development of a professional European network, knowing that aknoledging new professions is the fundamental requirement for a dynamic and competitive market;
  • to realize credit and financing procedures designed to meet the different needs of emerging business entities and tailored to the need and timing of the film industry;
  • to promote the activity and independence of local public and private entities that may protect and promote the growth of the film industry for what concerns production and distribution;
  • to favour the use of new means of production, both in the search for language and in technological innovation, by preferring a market where the main players are encouraged to open up to experimentation and collaboration with the emerging producers;
  • to incentivize and make resources available for the education and update training of young film producers, with the purpose to reinforce and increase the international competitiveness of the emerging companies.

Supporting Entities