RAI Cinema supports the Rome City of Film campaign.

RAI Cinema, part of the RAI Group, was established in 2000 with the aim of supporting and strengthening the Italian cinema industry. It provides conception, production and financial assistance to independent producers who want to realise film projects, contributing to the creation of so much Italian cinema: from the work of great masters to that of emerging professionals taking their first steps.In order to ensure maximum visibility for its own titles, RAI Cinema is also active in film distribution for cinema and home video through its 01 Distribution division, which has earned an important place in our country’s film distribution landscape in the matter of only a few years.Equally significant is its commitment to the acquisition of audiovisual content both in Italy and abroad, in order to ensure the RAI networks’ programming needs are met in the areas of film, made-for-TV films, series and animation. RAI manages the promotion of its own rights catalogue in every audiovisual sector, delivering content for every broadcasting platform on which RAI operates, as well as broaching specific commercial agreements with programmers active in national and international markets. RAI has always been principal sponsor of the very active, multi-faceted cultural venue which is Rome’s Film Institute, the Casa del Cinema in the Villa Borghese park.Alongside other cultural spaces it supports the Third Millennium Festival (Festival Tertio Millennio) and helps the Lazio Region organise film screenings in some of the capital’s cinemas for the benefit of higher-education students.In terms of festivals, RAI has been involved with the Rome Film Festival since its very first edition, paving the way for many significant films and Italian and international casts, as well as the setting up of photography exhibitions housed in the festival’s venues. In addition, it supports many ‘minor’ festivals such as the ‘Island of Cinema (L’Isola del Cinema) and the Rome Independent Film Festival (RIFF) alongside other, smaller summer festivals. RAI Cinema works in close collaboration with Cinecittà across all its initiatives in Rome, in addition to participating in gala events like the ‘Telethon’ evening and partnerships with the Gemelli Hospital; it also organises numerous national film previews.

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