RAI COM supports the Rome City of Film campaign.

It looks after the:

• distribution, commercialisation and sales of radio stations and television channels, as well as rights due on audiovisual, book, cinematic, television and multimedia works, both in Italy and abroad;
• delivery of audiovisual products designed for Italian and foreign commercial markets;
• acquisition of rights on audiovisual, book, cinematic, television and multimedia works, both in Italy and abroad;
• creation and editing of musical and theatrical works, books and magazines, and launch of news headlines;
• launch of commercial outlets dedicated to the sale of merchandising and tie-in products;
• management of the company’s framework agreement, as well as those agreements with national and international entities and institutions regarding institutional communication;
• conception, development and management of communication, technological and other projects designed for participation in Italian and European bids;
• conception, development, management and participation in events, festivals, fairs and other events, national and otherwise; awards, bids for sporting and other events, exhibitions;
• setting up and handing of publishing, typographic, journalistic, musical, audiovisual, cinematic, multimedia and discographic industries both in Italy and abroad;
• the availability of studio and/or technical facilities.

The international initiatives available include:

• COPEAM - Standing Conference for the Mediterranean Audiovisual (Conferenza Permanente dell'Audiovisivo Mediterraneo) - this co-operative laboratory, of which RAI is a member, focuses on north-south collaboration through training projects devoted to Festivals, Documentaries, Format, Co-producing, etc.;
• Cartoons on the Bay - an international festival dedicated to TV and cross-media animation, organised in partnership with Rai Fiction and Rai Cinema, with the scope of promoting the work of authors and producers from all over the world, enabling networking opportunities with buyers, distributors and TV executives;
• Rai Screenings - an event aimed at those active in the international audiovisual market, with conferences and meetings related to cinema, TV series, classical music, sport, the whole characterised by the active involvement of the company’s core creative team.
• Italia Prize - an international competition organised by RAI for high-quality programmes on the internet, radio and TV, which brings together both public and private broadcasting organisations from 46 countries.

Supporting Entities