The Federation for the Businesses Management of Culture, Tourism, Sport and Leisure (FEDERCULTURE) supports the Rome City of Film campaign.

The objective of the Federation is to endorse cultural and environmental heritage around the country. It supports the social and economic growth of local ventures, promoting the efficient and effective management of museums, and instilling a 'business culture' in the management of theatres, museums, libraries, tourist services, sports structures and protected areas.
In September 2004, 'Federculture Services Ltd.' was established as a 100% subsidiary company, offering assistance and support to its associates.

The Federation promotes and distributes the new private-sector contract for workers within the industry, as well as innovative organisational and managerial models for leisure services and projects and initiatives that add to the country's value. In addition, it safeguards the interests of service managers within the Government, Parliament and local and regional institutions.
It publicises initiatives such as: the 'Cultural Management Prize', for the recognition and diffusion of the best management practices in the country; the Department of Culture and Tourism’s National Conference, a biennial meeting which tackles new scenarios and policies to be adopted in order to achieve developmental goals for the culture and tourism industries; in addition to its 'Annual Rapport', presenting an analysis of the industry’s mechanisms.

It also initiates working groups where associates can promote studies and analyses, identify legislative proposals and communal projects, and have the opportunity to compare and contrast ideas.

The Federation communicates and provides information through its website, newsletter, daily press review, technical seminars and associate newsletters, as well as holding periodic meetings to training and update its members.

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