Association of Set and Costume Design

The Italian Association of Set and Costume Design (ASC) supports the Rome City of Film campaign.

With its main site at Cinecittà studios, ASC is registered with FIDAC and has been in existence for 38 years. It brings together all those who, through our profession, strive to promote Italian knowledge, quality, imagination and creativity across the world. Taking great care to respect the past, ASC works towards constructing a stable and innovative future for the professions it represents - aspiring to create a centre for documentation, scientific research and rightful recognition of the artistic heritage to which both Italian and foreign set and costume designers have contributed, in the film, theatre, musical theatre, television and “minor genres” sectors. Among its 300 members are renowned professionals belonging to the worlds of cinema, theatre and television. ASC's innovation and progress unite set and costume designers who aim to: guarantee and protect the quality of their work contribute towards establishing a relationship between accomplished professionals and young people, grounded in strict ethical standards, as well as the “transmission of knowledge” re-enforce the protection and promotion of its profession across all its sites, notably through the presence of its representatives, where consultation is needed. Its work is carried out through exhibitions, meeting with students from academies, universities, the Experimental Cinematography Centre (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia) and specialised schools, conventions, workshops on intellectual property rights and legal issues within the sector, awards panels, etc. A further important feature is its bilingual magazine (Italian/English), established nine years ago, with the aim of creating a didactic tool which recounts the experiences of those studying set and costume design, as well as the techniques behind project design and sketching. Distributed nationally through Feltrinelli bookshops and other specialised bookshops in Rome, Milan, Turin and Naples, it is also delivered directly to all companies within the sector, film producers and set and costume designers in Italy and abroad.

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