University of TOR VERGATA, Rome

University of Tor Vergata supports the candidacy of Rome City of Film.

Its activities started in 1982. Its film program focuses on analysing and highlighting Italian cinema (both in its classes and researches), also due to its geographical proximity to Cinecittà and Centro Sperimentale. It offers courses on History and Criticism of Cinema, History of Italian Cinema, Themes of Contemporary Cinema, Analysis of Italian Cinema and Multimedia Communication. In these last years well-known directors, screenwriters, editors and actors have participated in its educational activities and initatives. The Film Workshop allows students to become familiar with films under a practical and creative point of view and it offers them the professional equipment to realise projects previosly designed by them. It also offers educational activities with film professionals of different sectors. Since 2009 it has been collaborating with other Faculties, organisations and companies on co-production activities. Since 2009 it has created two Ph.Ds in cinema studies and two important Master Degrees. Over the years it has organised cineforums and shortfilm festivals and it still organises study conferences. “Close-up storie della visione” historic magazine, now also available on-line, about film criticism and information is directed by Tor Vergata Professor Spagnoletti, that since 2010 has been directing “Blow-up” a book collection about film studies and research, published by UniversItalia.

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