The Central Institute for the Restoration and Conservation of Archival and Library Heritage (Istituto Centrale per il Restauro e la Conservazione del Patrimonio Archivistico e Librario, ICRCPAL) supports the Rome City of Film campaign. It is a MiBACT entity founded in 2007, as a fusion of the 'Central Institute for the Conservation of Books' (ICPAL) and the 'Centre for Bookbinding Photo-reproduction and Restoration of State Archives'. It carries out research in the conservation of national state archives and library assets, in collaboration with the major national and international institutions, as well as organising and participating in exhibitions, conventions, workshops and seminars, and disseminating information. It is divided into eight technical-scientific laboratories – Restoration, Preventative Conservation, Conservation of Digital Content, Environment, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Technology – along with support services. It houses a specialised library, alongside a centre for specialised documentation and a museum dedicated to the history and conservation of books and documents. Through editorial initiatives, it promotes its activities and provides technical and scientific information. Active since 2010, the new 'School for Higher Education', which lasts 5 years, acts as a fundamental tool for the promotion of the sector's research and the conservation and development of archival and library cultural patrimony. With regards to 'Cinematic Assets' training, the institute has subscribed to a convention with the CSC in view of the inauguration of a 'Cinematic Assets Restoration' course and a specialised seminar, dedicated to the restoration of audio.

Supporting Entities