The Bradford Film Heritage project aims to showcase district’s contribution to film and television since the dawn of the moving image in the late 1800s. For the past 100 years, the Bradford District has hosted a diverse range of film and television productions, which display the many sides of the area, from the impressive buildings of the city centre to the romantic moors of Ilkley and Haworth. In creating this archive of the city’s cinematic history, Bradford City of Film aims to expose this exciting aspect of Bradford’s past to the public, allowing both residents and visitors to explore an oft-overlooked side to the district’s local history.


The micro site works equally well on traditional computers as well as mobile devices and tablets. There’s an opportunity to scroll though the timeline and see all of the film and TV titles in decade order and to see which locations were used for each production. There are also a series of self-guided location tours which link to Google maps. Access to the site is free.

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