In collaboration with Fondazione MAXXI, Fondazione Cinema per Roma provides its visitors with free editorial content online – ranging from architecture, arts, educationals, to film – consisting of 8 micro lessons on Documentary films. These short lessons introduce some of the works made by filmmakers who have taken part in the Extra Doc Festival – the competition presenting the best documentaries shot by Italian filmmakers – as an integral part of the Cinema al Maxxi event. The documentaries will be introduced to outline, show, break down and analyze the linguistic, productive, aesthetic and narrative features that characterize the documentary as a genre, as a text and a work and as a glance at the world.

For each of these micro lessons, a short written text + links to the accompanying materials that help illustrate the video contents, will be sent to users.

A compilation video will be made available to all users; it will serve as a general introduction to the documentary as an art form and will show anyone the reasons and the horizon of research that led Fondazione Cinema per Roma and Fondazione MAXXI to choose this technique as an object of study and a work sit.