Produced by Associazione Culturale Playtown Roma, Alice nella Città is a festival aimed at new generations, which takes place simultaneously and in collaboration with Rome Film Fest, an international film festival organized and curated by Fondazione Cinema per Roma. In these days, Alice nella Città has set up a film-based initiative to unite people through cinema and illuminate our cities.

Every evening at 10 pm, sequences and images of the films that we have loved the most are being projected on urban building facades, alternating feel-good films, classic cinema and vintage movies.

This is an innovative idea of film programming made of many films, many people and many windows.

Those who have got a projector are invited to project sequences and scenes from their favorite films from their home windows. They can also share images. Films can also be requested through our social channels, and they will be included in the programming of #Cinemadacasa.