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Roma Capitale and Luce Cinecittà lauched the candidacy of Rome UNESCO Creative City on October 31st 2014, during Roma Design Lab -Young Talents + Creative Cities, promoted by Opificio delle Arti.

The participatory procedure started on December 2014, involving all the city stakeholders in the film, creativity and cultural fields, in order to build a creative cluster of urban development based on film industry as a long term strategic asset.

During 2015 Roma Capitale, promoter, and Luce Cinecittà, actuator, have been organizing several roundables with the supporting organisations in order to:

  • value the film and audiovisual archive heritage;
  • requalify traditional professions and value the new ones in film and audiovisual industry;
  • promote ICTs in films and the production of young narrations and creative urban languages: animation, virtual reality and videogames;
  • create networks among local, national and international subjects in a educational, productive and institutional field, in order to relaunch film industry;
  • increase the production of films, tv series and media arts;
  • reinforce the audience development in the cities and create new audience.