MIAC: Italian Museum of Audiovisual Arts and Cinema

In 2015 the Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Activities and Tourism charged the Istituto Luce-Cinecittà with the task of creating the Italian Museum of Audivisual Arts and Cinema (MIAC).
Located in what was formerly Cinecitta’s Development and Printing Laboratory, the museum preserves and enhances the audio-visual heritage and film professions thanks to the use of novel technologies.
It hosts a permanent laboratory for the promotion of training projects and international exchanges between young professionals from all corners of the world. It engages in exchanges with other countries based on specialisation residencies and the mutual understanding of film from a historical context, while also including research and experimentation designed to promote the creation of a European cinema of the future.
It hosts an array of displays illustrating the techniques, genres and languages used in live images and those pertaining to film and television fiction, as well as providing a broad overview of the social and cultural history of the image in Italy.
The centre will also feature a permanent exhibition space and one for temporary exhibitions, a laboratory for restoration and analog film processing, a space for meetings, screenings and other activities, a media library where one may consult the publication and audiovisual library of the Archivio Storico Luce, that since 2013 has been included in the UNESCO register of the World Memory, along with the archives of other partners.